Peace in Elohim : Dive Camp 2018 Devotional

Peace in Elohim : Dive Camp 2018 Devotional

Where there is fear, there is no peace. Fear brings with it anxiety, apprehension, restlessness, panic and tension – none of which lead us to feel calm, peaceful, relaxed and stress-free.

For the world, peace is conditional, fragile and temporary. It is often used to describe the absence of war or strife. However, peace in Christ comes without strings attached and lasts forever. It is founded on the salvation. God’s magnificent love has reached out to us through the death of Jesus and done away the sin that stands separates us and reconciled us back to God.

Peace is having the Holy Spirit in our lives as friend, comforter, counsellor, teacher and healer. Peace is knowing that when troubles come in all shapes and sizes, God, our heavenly Father, has promised to never forget us and to always be our help and strength everyday of our lives.

In this coming DIVE camp we want to experience the peace of God. The kind of peace which Elohim, who created the world out of nothing, exhibited when he brought order into chaos, light into darkness and with his breath of life, turned a lifeless doll into His living child.

Let us return to how it all began, to the way Elohim intended.

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On day 7 of a 7 day
Journey through the Bible.

Day 1 Ecclesiastes 3:11 Read Day 1